The Baby is the Wild Card

So I didn’t blog last week.  But I have an excuse!

[it’s ok, roll your eyes.  I’ve got a good one]

I went to the dentist last week.

[insert an understanding ahhhh from the audience]

I told you.  Anyway, I did indeed go to the dentist, which was not fun, and as per my usual, required an additional 3 shots of anesthesia (as I forewarned the incredulous dentist).  I’m sure you’re already tense just reading this, so we shall move on to other subjects, especially as I have to go back this week to finish up the job.

I did however, work on this wonderful new site that will hopefully make things easier for everyone.  And I am working on a new format for newsletters (!!) which will hopefully go out later this month.  I still have to play around with it to get it stellar looking.  And I communicated with my wonderful tax consultant about filing taxes for quite a complicated year (self-employment tax is killer #justsayin).

Pardon me if I sound a bit out of it today.  My daughter decided it was time to wake up at 3am and play. After waiting and praying that she would fall asleep (silly mom!), I found her standing up in her pack n play waiting for me.  Around 5am, she was finally asleep… in my bed.  I had plans to be awake at 7 for a Skype meeting.  Alas, I ended up rescheduling as I couldn’t Skype without either waking her up or leaving her unattended in our bed.  So, try try again tomorrow.

Vicente went on a weekend ski trip with Fuse (the church) while I chugged away at home.  I didn’t consider it particularly wise to swish down the hills with Rosalyn in the baby carrier.  It would have made for a great video, I suppose, but I’m pretty sure that type of thing would (or if not, should) get me arrested for child endangerment.  So I stuck to more domestic adventures.  I was able to meet up with my airplane friend and spend some quality time relationship building with her and her son, and then at my Japanese lesson on Saturday afternoon, I was able to share some of the miracles I had seen God do during my first mission trip to India.  It made an impact and lots of seeds were planted with my tutor, and so my partner who I usually do the lesson with (who was absent that day due to said ski trip) and I will be tag-teaming to continue watering those seeds.  Please pray for us!

Well, such was my busy week.  Come spring, I hope to get a bike with a baby seat (it’s way to cold to have wind blowing in her face during February and probably March too).  This will cut back some of the time that I spend walking to and from the store, bank, post office, etc.  In Japan, even a 30 second shortcut seems to make a difference.


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