Best Purchases Ever!

Ok, so, this time around in Japan, life is a bit easier.  Of course, it’s a lot harder than before, now that I’m married and with a baby.  But, there are things that I’ve discovered that make life so much easier:

-Ergo Baby Carrier- a MILLION and a half thanks to the wonderful supporter who sent us a brand new Ergo baby carrier post haste.  My back, my hips, my neck, my head, my daughter thanks you.  Suddenly my horrid headaches are gone.  Rosalyn takes extended naps when we’re out without a neck ache at the end (I’d imagine anyhow, as her head liked to flop backward, which was adorable, but rather uncomfortable looking). We can go for hours and hours in this baby. [carrier]

-The IPhooooonnnneeeee [jazz hands]- Having never had a smart phone in the states, I didn’t know what I was missing.  Sure, I did just fine without it.  But here– I’ve used the map application many times already, trying to find hidden (I’m not kidding- Hidden) doctors offices, banks that I’ve had to go to, people’s houses…I can just walk and the little blue dot leads me on in a land with very few street names.  Of course, there are wonderful other features, but right now, I’m adoring the map.

-An Electric Toilet Seat- yes, the heated toilet seat I’ve been raving about.  So, when I switched apartments last time I was living in Japan, my apartment came without one.  Bad decision.  Japanese homes do not have central heating or air (sigh), so it gets quite chilly in the winters.  If you think a cold toilet seat in the morning is rough in the States, imagine one that is 50 degrees or so.  I hope this isn’t TMI for you.  Funny story though, Vicente and I were on our way home when I pointed out a good and affordable electronics store and suggested we go there to check out an ETS (tired of typing it out).  After making an educated guess that it would likely be on floor 7 (yup), we made it up to the house appliance section and low and behold, there they were.

Unfortunately, they were pretty expensive with all kinds of buttons and gadgets that I believe are French and squirt water.  We didn’t intend to use any of them.  We stood around for the longest time and finally a Japanese lady who spoke English pretty well came over.  I asked if the cheapest one had the heater and she said that it did.  I attempted to ask if we had to install the squirter and at some point, we both figured out that they do sell ones that are just heated.  When she showed it to me in the catalog, she said very loudly- This not clean your butt! I attempted to conceal my smirk and was exceedingly grateful not to be in a predominately English area.  We made our purchase, saved some money and are very pleased indeed.

-Google Chrome- page translation tools.  Proxy servers.  I love it.

-Amazon Japan!- Imagine that!?!  I can search also in English and even though the page info is in Japanese, it still is pretty helpful.  That and the stuff usually arrives in 2 days!  And I can often choose a delivery time!!! I might be getting spoiled.

-Water Pressure- ok, so this isn’t a purchase, but let’s just say that our shower works a bit like a power-washer.  I love it.  Vicente not so much, but I love it.

That concludes my list.  Don’t forget it’s wrong to covet.


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