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Care Team

“God seems to be raising up a whole new army of home front believers whose lives are saturated with a passion for His global cause… North American-based world Christians are increasingly catching a vision of their part in sending—much as in today’s military, where every frontline combat soldier is backed up by nearly 100 support personnel.” – Life After Perspectives

Are you ready to go behind the lines in order to take part in the spreading of the gospel worldwide?  If your answer is yes, then consider joining a missionary care team.  Here are some ways you can be involved in a world missions care team:

  • Financial Supporter
  • Moral Supporter
  • Logistics Supporter
  • Prayer Supporter
  • Ambassador
  • Communication Supporter

Where do you fit?

To join the Care Team, please send an email to our leaders John and Denise Myres.

Also, please read Serving as Senders to better equip yourself in this role!



“The battle we face is a spiritual conflict. It must be fought and won by men and women of God who are willing to intercede for missionary families as they invade enemy territory held uncontested for centuries. Satan does not meekly give up his prey. He counterattacks fiercely in many unexpected ways. The missionary must have intercessors who stand alongside, praying on a regular and systematic basis.” – David Wang

“Prayer is not a preparation for the battle; it is the battle!” – Leonard Ravenhill

Are you ready to join the battle?  Here are some ideas to participate in the battle for souls around the world:

  • Sign up for the Alvarado’s Prayer Newsletter with specific requests
  • Challenge yourself to a prayer workout plan: start 5 minutes a day for a week, then move up to 10, and keep going as you feel the Lord leading
  • Partner up! Ask a friend to do the challenge with you.
  • Sign up for Joshua Project’s Unreached People of the Day and be challenged to pray in workers for those harvest fields



What does it take to get a missionary to the field?

An incredible amount of prayer, reordering and working of lives, lots of paperwork, packing and goodbyes.  It also requires means. Means to pay rent, buy groceries, have a meal with that neighbor and sometimes take a breather at the coffee shop.

In order for the Alvarados to dedicate their time completely to reaching those unreached neighbors and friends, they need support.  Specifically monthly support that enables them to form a budget for day to day life.

Would you consider sacrificing a coffee a month or a meal out a month and instead donating that money to the Alvarado Family and the mission to reach Japan?

Visit World Indigenous Missions to contribute once or in recurring donations via PayPal, credit card or debit. Follow the instructions and later receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Send your donation made out to World Indigenous Missions (no memos) and include a separate note with Alvarado 233 on it to have it assigned to them. Mail it to: World Indigenous Missions; PO Box 310627; New Braunfels, TX 78131-0627.

WIM is a non-profit organization in good standing with and financially accountable to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.



Does your heart beat for the worldwide Kingdom of God while remaining in your home country? Do you wish there were more who understood your heart’s cry or do you wish there was more you could do from home? There is—and it’s a vital role!

Become a mobilizer for the global cause of Christ! Be the one who opens eyes to the work going on around the world—be the one who causes movement to happen: people beginning to fulfill not only their local calls, but their global calls as well!

  • Become aware! Sign up and read missionaries’ newsletters and share info with others.
  • Ask your small group to adopt a missionary family or an unreached people group.
  • Investigate opportunities to welcome international students or refugees in your area. Reach the nations from home!
  • Sign up for the Perspectives course—literally the best thing to light a fire for the worldwide kingdom of God!
  • Host a “Japan” night (or another if you like) with food or activities from that culture—as well as updates and prayer for the people. Even better if you have a missionary with you!
  • Join a Care Team and encourage others to join a care team.
  • Blog about all of these experiences and watch how God uses you!


kids Growing up in America, it’s easy to get caught up in the “me” bubble. We can avoid this disabling pitfall by opening our children’s eyes from a young age.

Help your child develop a heart for the nations with these resources!

-Check out Wycliffe Bible Translator and SIM’s online resources and activities for kids.

-Get a copy of Operation World and pray for a new country every night during your child’s bedtime routine.

-Look for opportunities in your hometown to serve international communities and get involved!

Read together with your child from the series “Christian Heroes Then and Now”.  Read about the incredible lives of these individuals and dream with your child about how God can use them!  These incredible accounts will enrich their knowledge of their Christian heritage and build their faith.

  • Hudson Taylor (China)
  • Amy Carmichael (India)
  • Gladys Aylward (China)
  • Rachel Saint (Ecuador)
  • Adoniram Judson (Burma)
  • Brother Andrew (the Iron Curtain)
  • CT Studd and more! (China, Africa, India and beyond!)















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