Recently, while checking my mail before bed, I got a reply from a friend who will be shortly leaving for the one of the first steps of on-field missionary life: language school.  At the end of it, she mentioned that she wanted to “glean from your missionary-ness”. I clicked my phone off and pulled the… Continue reading Gleanings

Answers, Part 2

Nearly 2 months ago (cringe), I began a question and answer series on this blog. And between last time and this, many things have happened.  I’ve had this blog on my to-do list for literally 6 weeks. Surely that says something. Anyhow, without further ado. Two people were worshiping a god of fire? What reasons… Continue reading Answers, Part 2


Hey guys!  There will be a post soon. Unfortunately, my laptop went kaput shortly before our return, which put me all out of whack.  We are also slowly getting back to life in Japan, and back to a familiar time zone and routine. I still have the remaining questions and that should be one of… Continue reading Absent!