Multiplication Nation

Isn’t there a schoolhouse rock song that has to with some phrase the rhymes with multiplication?  And it’s not the one that talks about zero being my hero.  I’ve been wracking my brain the last couple of days, and the thing is- I’m not even sure there is a song like the one I’m thinking in my head…

Conjunction junction, what’s your function??

It doesn’t get any better than that.  Well, it does.  Because last night, we had our multiplication party!!  Our cell group’s vision/goal is to multiply out to 10 groups this year. Last night, we went from 1 to 2 groups.  Next, the two will become four.  And four, 8… you get the idea.

It’s all the thing about making disciples who make disciples who make… again, you got it.

Within cell group, there are one on one discipleships taking place with those who become believers and want to grow in their faith.  Of course, we want and really encourage everyone to be discipled.  The leaders also meet with their disciplers weekly for discipleship.  Hence, we do too.  But the point is, we want everyone to be drawing closer to God all the time and meeting with someone to help them grow into all the Lord (not the discipler) has for them.  And in this process, they learn that to be obedient to the command the Lord has, they need to be making disciples too.

Thus, we don’t grow our groups by the leaders winning everyone and doing all the work. We grow by everyone reaching toward the same vision.  Everyone being obedient to the command that the Lord gave us– which is a privilege, by the way.  And we do it because we love it, and there’s nothing better in life than following the Lord.  And when everyone is reaching people, that’s called multiplication friends.

You might argue with me (and I hope you don’t– I hope you can see the point)– “it’s not about numbers”.  Well, yes and no.  No, it’s not about having numbers so we can feel successful.  It’s not about numbers so that we can write reports that build ourselves up.  But it IS about numbers too.  It’s about many numbers hearing about Jesus.  It’s about many numbers who are being saved from hell and for life.  It’s about numbers who are obedient- not to us or our church or organization– but to Christ.  And with that– I’m all about multiplication and numbers.  But behind the numbers, solid faces.  Flocks that are being taken care of and well tended to.

So, please pray for us as we  will be hosting this multiplied cell group.  And please pray for us, that we can not only reach every single person within our grasp, but that we can take excellent care of the flock the Lord has seen fit to let us have influence over.


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