A few weeks ago, Vicente was sitting inside a photo booth taking cheesy professional photos for his student ID for language school.  It was cold and wet and windy outside when I received a call.  Apparently, we had a short-term team arriving in some two weeks and they needed someone to take care of them.

Our leaders have their hands quite full, and seeing as how I’d done this kind of thing in the past and how the team was a hip hop dance team which would pair well with Vicente, they thought we’d be a good match to host the team.

It was quite a bit of work coming up with a schedule for them on such short notice and making sure they had all the bedding and supplies they needed, and rooms reserved for them, etc.  Communications have changed since I was here last and still being new, it was hard to know what to plan exactly that would work with the direction our church is going and still give the team a chance to use what they had been working with.  But another couple who knew the ropes was gracious enough to help us make the decisions and they helped us get the answers we needed and viola!  Here we are two weeks later.

The team is very gracious and kind– most are in their 20s, with a couple in their 30s.  They’re pretty talented and one has a voice that literally made me want to fall on the floor when she sang Happy Day.  Oh my goodness.  Chills thinking about it.  Chills.

But they arrived on Friday and we took them on a walking tour for food, on Saturday we did an outreach at two local stations which yielded some fruit (please pray as we follow up!!) and Sunday we held a Fuse Dance Party after church.  They had their devotion time and lunch at our apartment, which we discovered then that we can fit a total of 14 people in our living room.  Of course, everyone is very squished, but it can be done.  So, whenever in the future, Lord willing, we’re cell group leaders, we can have 10 people in our group before we need to multiply.

Exciting times!  We have a break for today and tomorrow and then there will be another burst of activity as the team comes back from Osaka on Wednesday morning and departs Friday afternoon.  So, we’re excited to see what the Lord will do.  Please keep praying for Japan!


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