City Sounds

There are lots of sounds I’ve become accustomed to after years of living in Japan. The nasally, high-pitched calls of Irasshaimase! when you enter a store. The sounds of crosswalk signals, train crossings, and buzzers for people who are cutting it too close. The almost silent sound of approaching cars with their noiseless engines. There’s… Continue reading City Sounds

First Day at a New Job

Last week I wrote about Trash talk and our Neighborhood Group… and this group theme has been on my mind. Honestly, it’s been a new world since we started school a month ago, which has kinda shifted our local network and how we move within it. For example, there’s a family that lives in our… Continue reading First Day at a New Job

Legalities: Babies in Tokyo

This post is intended to outline what an American parent will need to do in Japan to get their newborn baby legal here.  It’s for future reference for myself (I’m rather doubtful of the need at this moment) and for anyone other applicable person who stumbles across this page. (As a disclaimer, though Tokyo is… Continue reading Legalities: Babies in Tokyo