I thought I’d post a few pictures of the food and lounge, where I happen to be right now, enjoying a cup of coffee which I was able to locate yesterday. 

Recovery continues and the hospital has been extremely helpful. My only serious malady is the continued headaches. There was a bit of discussion as to whether they are related strictly to the out-of-whack neck or if it’s related to the epidural and it’s after effects. 

Nonetheless, when the nurses heard, they gave me bean heat packs to help with the sore muscles. And after asking 3 times or so for meds, the doctor finally gave me my own stash in my room. 

In other news, the thing that blew my mind yesterday was that they served créeme brûlée for the afternoon snack. Seriously? What places serves it in the first place? 

It was wonderful. 

I was able to have breakfast in the cafe this morning (lounge). It’s where breakfast is normally served but until today it’s been delivered to my room. Today there was a special treat apparently because one of the staff members who is an artist did pictures of the flowers associated with the birth days of our babies and what their meanings where. It was copied onto a paper placemat and we received the original on a 4×6 size postcard. You can kinda see what it looked like on the bottom left corner of the French toast picture above. 

Yep, that’s what I had for breakfast. 

Anyway, everyone here is very thoughtful and helpful. All details are thought out and what you could possibly need is so often provided before you could even think to ask for it. 

Again, the only thing I don’t quite get is the low, flat beds and how that works for a c-section momma but I suppose I’ve survived. 

Well they are getting to the afternoon snack time so I better beat them to my room. 

Wonder what it will be today?!?


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