Post Op Perspectives 

So we are on day 4 of the hospital stay. And yes, it has been an adventure. 

It makes sense to say so but today I feel my best. 

Thursday was the surgery with all the attending prep. One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that the Japanese are very sensitive to your “uncoveredness”…. anytime I’ve had to be changed into new clothes, they always arrange it all underneath a blanket or towel. On the OR they literally changed me from one outfit to another underneath a towel. Don’t even ask me how. I wondered though why they didn’t just have me change beforehand. But, well, this is their show. 

We will do it their way. 

Surgery is surgery and the first part was horrendous (let it be noted that I’m typically not the type of person to use such strong “negative ” words about experiences. So when you read them in this post, realize that I really mean them!). I felt like I couldn’t breathe and uncomfortable in every way imaginable. But then Vicente came in and held my hand and that was a great comfort. Of course, he looked like he would pass out himself since he had a full access view to everything going on.  

But the baby was born, and the pressure relieved off me and I practically slept through the rest of the surgery. 

I spent the night in the recovery room. Every hour or so, and they did checks on me. I was amazed at how much the majority of the nurses had memorized from my file. They knew my job, my husbands job, that I had an older daughter who was born in America. And many other small details that took me by surprise. 

Though I got to see the baby right after surgery, the nurses took care of her and I didn’t see her again until just before leaving the recovery room. Of course, laying flat on your back with multitudes of wires doesn’t really provide for the agility needed to take care of a newborn. I was pretty wiped out anyway and just slept as much as I could. 

Yesterday, the first full day after the surgery, was pretty awful. While I did get my baby back (which does in fact lower the suffering factor in most categories), i found the room’s accommodations difficult to adjust to fresh out of surgery. 

The bed, while very wide, was flat and difficult to get in an out of without the necessary use of the abdominal muscles. That was my biggest problem. Who wants to lay down and get back up a million times while taking care of a newborn and feeling like you’re being ripped in half each time you get up and down? Really, I just do not understand these arrangements. 

My other issue was also bed related. And this is probably more of a personal issue, but I am used to sleeping with about 3-4 pillows of the good feather type sort. I’ve had neck problems for the better part of my life and two flat pancake pillows (I had to ask for the second one) just hasn’t been doing it. This leads to migraine type headaches. 

Last night though, the nurses said they’d take care of the baby so I could rest. I definitely took advantage of that offer. I still had the issue of having to get up every couple of hours to visit the restroom, but finally- and I don’t know what changed- but around 4:30 or 5, I was able to get up pain free. 

This helped restore my general mood in ways I can’t even describe. Since then, recovery has been easier. I’ve also been relieved today of my IV and epidural, so my ever present luggage has disappeared and I am finally free! 

I’ve placed an order with my husband for two pillows from home (which I’m praying will take care of these neck and headache problems) and a chocolate bar, which cannot fail in being an excellent restorative. 

As of yesterday, I was completely against ever having another child again. Today, I’d have to give it some serious thought. But you can see the progress– and it’s significant. 

Well it’s time for baby to eat so I’d better be getting on. 


One thought on “Post Op Perspectives 

  1. Yay Janine!!! A baby sister! Thank you Lord for this safe delivery and another blessed little baby in Your kingdom….


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