Incompetent Competence

Remember that I had one goal: Complete the easiest task on PTA with competence.

So, after the introductory meeting, which I described in the last post, I went to the leader and confirmed what all I had understood.

I actually had understood the whole meeting and what I would need to do and had actually identified the people that I needed to check with and report to.

For my first task, I had one week to check with the current host about the special trash place for the next school year.

While everyone else easily confirmed theirs for their groups, apparently my group was a tricky case.

Not only were we combining two groups into one new one of which I’d be the main person for– but the person hosting the special trash place was in their last year of elementary school.

Step one. Contact current host.

The current host was a hard negative to hosting it the next year. I wasn’t surprised (though it actually requires no physical work whatsoever from people– a company comes to collect the trash).

So, I let the PTA Shibu (like the director of our area) know that the current host said no.

Task One: finished.

Apparently not.

I needed to find a new place. No one told me this. A neighbor friend asked me what I was going to do now, since we couldn’t use the old place.

What do you mean, what am I going to do now?

Well. I needed a solution. And it ended up requiring multiple, multiple conversations.

If you were to draw an asterisk on your paper, you’ll notice there’s an intersecting point in the center.

That center point was me, as I bounced back and forth between people who needed me to contact other people but that did not intersect with each other…

A to B. B to C. C to A. C to B. C to D. D to C. A back to C. C to A.

At the end of a long and involved story, I found not just ONE place, but TWO places for our collection spot.

Why we need two places, I’m not sure. It was one of my arguments in the whole process, why we couldn’t just use a plan B that was already in the books.

I’m not quite sure how I managed it. Just like I’m not quite sure how I understood everything I needed to do in that introductory meeting.

But there ya go.

I did my job. I bumbled and bounced around, wrote many pretty messages, and somehow it got done.

I think it was the grace of God.

I’m hoping He has some more in store for the different events I’m going to have to help organize or be in charge of.

I’ll keep you posted on this PTA job. It’s bound to be an adventure!


One thought on “Incompetent Competence

  1. You did it! I’ve been writing ‘My grace is sufficient for you…’ each morning the last couple of weeks as a reminder in the midst of the overwhelm of things that must be done. I’m encouraged to hear about that sufficient grace in your stories!


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