The Saga, Part 2

I put the kids to bed and then I sat on the couch on September 22 to pray.

We had SO much going on, I was having a hard time processing things anymore.

We were in the middle of signing on a new house to rent— a process that involved pages and pages of to-dos, which were to-be-done in the next few weeks. Though I could see how things had progressed, I’d never done things this way before in Japan and I wanted to make sure that things with the owner’s real estate agent were as they ought to be. I had spent hours and hours researching and reading, confirming things (in another language)— and we had prayed each step this far, holding our hands open— but with all that was going on— I just needed to feel certainty about such a big decision.

My family back home had just pulled through one family emergency only to find out two days later that we were likely within the final week or two of my father’s life.

I had to make decisions and appointments if I were going to go home, and with a baby in tow. By myself. Those hurdles seemed unending as well.

My mom told me that my dad really hoped I would be able to make to their side of the world before he passed. But as I tried to schedule an appointment at the embassy for notarial services, no appointments were available for weeks. And as I visited and called various notaries in Tokyo, explaining the situation, hoping that I would be able to pull the paperwork off myself, it would be several days before an appointment became available.

Days I didn’t have.

A process I was unsure of.

I wrote a friend a note to pray for me— I felt a bit like I was losing my mind. If I had a clear direction, I could more easily maneuver through what needed to be accomplished. I just wanted the Lord to give us wisdom about decisions.

I prayed, “Lord, I have done everything that I can possibly do to gather information to make informed decisions. If you want us to move, please provide the help I need for the final steps. If you want me to go to America to be with my dad or to stay, I need to know that too.”

And then I went to bed, utterly exhausted.

In the morning, I got a message from a friend in Japan who recommended that I email the embassy to see if there was any way they could possibly get me in.

I did so, though it was a Japanese holiday. They emailed me back, giving me an appointment for that afternoon. I prepared and printed documents and gathered all the papers we needed…

And then went to meet a friend at the park. We had arranged to let our kids play and I had gotten a message that a neighbor friend of hers who I had met once or twice months before would be tagging along.

We arrived at the park and our kids were having fun. As I chatted with the neighbor friend, it suddenly occurred to me that she was an English speaker— she had spent several years as a child in America before moving back to Japan.

I mentioned that we were moving and that the real estate agent would be sending me over a copy of the contracts for my review…

“Would you… mind taking a look at them to make sure things look good?”

“Sure!” she replied. “In fact, my husband has his real estate license, though he isn’t in real estate. He got it for his job, just in case.”

You know, just in case.

My jaw dropped as I realized the Lord had dropped the answer to my prayers right in front of me, and one of the huge burdens lifted off my shoulder.

In the space of just 2-3 hours, the things that I had been attempting but was unable to resolve, had been answered by the Lord.

It gave me a lot of peace that I would need as we moved into the next few weeks.


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