So this is one of the projects we’ve been working on this year in our ministry. It’s a near-to-our-heart project.

September 1 is a date in Japan with high rates of suicide– especially among students.

A few months ago when this idea came on our radar, we seemed to be surrounded by the theme. Friends struggling. Posts everywhere. A letter that came home with our first-grader saying that child suicides had been increasing and to be aware and be provided with SOS resources.

It’s no surprise– the pressure to perform is great here. With the stresses that the pandemic has added to families– isolation, uncertainty, loss of jobs, bankruptcy….

Even one of the senior officials on the Olympic planning committee ended his life in front of a train a few months ago.

We spent months watching interviews, documentaries, reading articles, watching people struggle.

In what way could we possibly reach out to people so desperate as to consider this final act?

This is what we felt led to produce. The Lord brought it to life just as we were reaching our deadlines for getting this project out for boosting and promotion throughout August– the time when people would be coming to decisions about their lives.

As we are boosting this project (this is the English version– we’re focusing on boosting the Japanese version)- would you pray for us?

Please pray for the hope of the Good News to reach people struggling

Please pray that people here would know and experience the love of God

Please pray that lives would be saved, in the most literal sense

Please pray that people would be able to find a church near them to connect to a community


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