Things my kids say in America

So, the one benefit of living in another language is that sometimes we can still talk about whatever we want that we wouldn’t normally say in public. Sure, everyone has studied English and they listen into our conversations to see if they can understand.

But, it’s also a benefit because… you know that really awkward stage kids go through when they make less than politically correct observations whenever it occurs to them to do so?

Well, it’s a little less embarrassing for me, since we have little bit of a cover.

Welcome to America though. Ha.

Still, sometimes their observations tell me what they’re looking at.


That’s humongous! (Literally, about anything)

The trees are different here.

Why do you have your shoes on in the house? You forgot to take your shoes off!

Why is that person buying so much food?

Mom, look at the grass! It’s so green!

Why are there so many flags everywhere?

Why are there so many churches in America?

Why is that person rolling around on a car in the store?

They bought TOO MANY toys.

(While eating dinner with friends) Um, why do you have different rice?

(When exasperatedly explaining that they had to wait for their clothes because they were in the dryer)… But mom, I don’t know what a dryer is!

That’s too cold! (regarding toilet seats– they are heated in Japan)

Are we going to walk or are we taking the car?

Upon merging onto the highway: Wow, this is like a racetrack way!

Every time we go to America, it’s fun to see how they see the country through their eyes. What are the things they notice that I take for granted? Sometimes it gets us side-long glances from those who don’t know our story.


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