A Little Trivia for You…

Did you know….

There are 12 different classifications of income in Japan.

My source: A Japanese accountant whose goal it was to determine what type of income we have since it’s US based (and I’m using the American definition of that term, no the Japanese idea of what that means).

Guess what’s right around the corneeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr…..

TAX SEASON guys.  Grab your party hats!

I think we have a good idea of what’s going on (thank you to a certain supporter who vetted an English-speaking accountant and helped us afford the consultation of our tax affairs here in Japan!)– way better than the curve ball we were thrown at the beginning of this year. But do pray for us- I’m scheduled to have a baby 6 days before the one month tax-filing window happens here in Japan.

At least we will have a little extra time to file in the US.

We appreciate your prayers as we prepare to close out the year and get things in order for next year!