New things to think about….

Yesterday, we went to the zoo with some families from the church here.  As I am preggers and large, I had the great privilege of sitting in the front seat and chatting with the pastor/missionary’s wife- who speaks English.

We were talking about her daughter and different testing stuff in school.  Somehow the conversation turned to curriculum and stuff she used to teach her kids English reading and writing.

And then it occurred to me that I am going to have to teach my children these things– because they will learn a different system here in the Japanese schools (which we intend to send them to at this point).  Things from learning how to write and spell and use correct grammar in English… all the way to American history and things like that– those will be my responsibility to teach, outside of the things they’ll learn at school.

I guess I knew these things somewhere in the canyon of my subconscious, but now it was like- Ok, you have to start thinking about these things.

Granted, it’s not too big of a deal because I’ve taught ESL and that before.  But, the thought of that being in my regular schedule and outside of her regular school schedule and that, it feels like a new concept to me.  It’s not a hobby kinda thing- she won’t just pick it up on her own.

I need a plan people!

Anyway. The last 36 hours or so have seen me looking at different preschool resources books from homeschooling sites and books they use, etc. Messaging my mom to have her bring things to Japan that I will order in the next couple months.

It’s still a bit of a daze for me. I remember thinking- well, here’s something I didn’t think fully about.

At least it’s not too late though right!

Humph.  The things you don’t automatically associate with life overseas.


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