Holy Cow Batman

The phrase that comes to mind is one I heard years ago in a living room in Mexico where my senior trainer missionary wife made a joke (I don’t even know what about now), but she exclaimed (literally), “Holy Cow Batman!”.  I laughed excessively when I heard her say it.  It was boisterous and unexpected from such a graceful, quiet lady.  I’d forgot it for the longest time and only recently revived the memory.

And now I find myself saying it almost everyday lately.  I wish I could laugh, but it at least makes me smile.

Holy Cow Batman.

Holy Cow Batman, it’s like 60 in my apartment… or lower.  All I know is that my daughter’s nighttime heater is set to 64 and that feels warm. As I type, I’m literally under my blanket with my third-layer sweater collar pulled above my nose.

Holy Cow Batman, another last minute, but necessary meeting.

Holy Cow Batman, I feel like I have been pulling trucks by ropes with my brain, in attempting to file taxes in two countries.  HOLY COW BATMAN. Every time I think I have the solution, something else changes. I’ve read MULTIPLE 25 page+ articles about international treaties between countries and how that applies to our various situations.  It doesn’t. Ok, slightly exaggerated, but  I’m just going to stop now about that.  I literally deserve some crowns, medals, perhaps an honorary CPA and tax consultant degree.  Though I’d reject it, that’s definitely not the life for me.

Still, it’s the thought that counts.

Holy Cow Batman. Arrows coming from every direction. Whispers of defeat come wafting on the breeze as we stand in the middle of the battlefield we’ve come to love.

Holy Cow Batman. To-do lists that leave me unable to relax.  Multiple enormous projects to organize while chasing a toddler. (granted, she’s the sweetest thing…)

Holy Cow Batman, I’ve never wanted Del Taco so badly.  I hope it’s as good as what I remember.

Lately, I’ve been getting down to You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music. And Oceans by Hillsong.  And We Will Not Be Shaken.. again, Bethel.  And I can’t make it through It is Well by Bethel without getting teary (… ok, sobbing).

As you can see, there’s a theme in here.  And as we had our family prayer time tonight for ministry things, I prayed: Lord, you know these things are too big for me.  They are way beyond my capacity.  But in X and X and X and X and X and X situation, you go with me.  And Your presence makes me brave to face these things and try new things.

It’s not a coincidence that all this brews at a critical time for us, when we are getting ready to share an incredible film that CIM put together for us.

But in the trenches of the presence of God, I’m left with that final image, that I can see as if it were through a blowing mist.   Of standing on the other side of these next few months and saying, Holy Cow Batman.  Look what God did.


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