Crash and Burn

I started this post last week and then let it drop because it sounded whiny.  I’m cautious about sounding whiny even here, but this is our reality. Let’s just say that we’ve running for a couple months on sheer adrenaline with so very many facets of responsibilities, both normal and extra, loaded, stacked and filed in there.

After our birthdays, it was finally time to settle down into a more normal schedule and a long awaited break.  Coupled with some challenges in which we really needed some wisdom from God as to direction, we kinda just landed at the bottom of the hill and laid there for a while. Not that we didn’t get anything done, we fulfilled our normal responsibilities but (at least for me) beyond that just wasn’t gonna happen.

Hence the silence for a few weeks.

This last weekend, we had our first entire day off in who knows how long.  We’ve always had something going on that couldn’t be put off.  It was so nice to have an entire day off to rest our minds and bodies and just be a family.

This week it’s time to pull ourselves back together, lace up the shoes and get moving again.  There’s lots more coming up… but we needed that space in between busy seasons to teach us some lessons we already knew but hadn’t put into practice.

Lesson of the season: you don’t run marathons back to back for weeks on end.

For longevity’s sake and for our family’s sake: we’ve got to plan a day off and stick to it each week!

But for you faithful readers, for your sake: I have some blog posts simmering in the crock pot of my brain.  That’s always a good thing.   So, stay tuned, now that I’m ready to start writing some of them.


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