Coming Soon to a Theater Near You…

Soooo… GREAT news.

Several months ago, we received an official looking email from our mission World Indigenous Missions.  WIM informed us that they had selected our family as movie stars for the upcoming… ok, that’s exaggerating it a bit.  But they kindly selected us to be directly involved in their new promotional video they are working on.  Only one other couple would be participating in this way out of the WIM family.  So, you can imagine what an honor this was!

Ok, a promo video.  That’s great, you’re say in a flat tone.  Well, turns out it’s a pretty rockin’ project!! This is not your typical promo video, people. Besides some creative geniuses we have running around at WIM, they are also partnering with a ministry called Creative Impact Ministries to put together this promo.  If you haven’t checked out their stuff– do it!  They put together docudramas that help you really see the lands that missionaries are working in and get to know not only the missionaries themselves, but the people to whom they minister and the lay of the land.  We’ve watched many of their films and you should too.  Your world will be broader for it.

One of the awesome perks of the job is that we will receive our very own docudrama of the Alvarado Story (title to be decided.. we don’t really want our name there). Not only will you get to see Japan, but you’ll get to see stories and meet people and really visit this wonderful country!!

It’s been a bit of work so far.  Our brains have been creatively wracked.  We’ve come up with filming locations, interviewees, written letters and translated them into Japanese requesting permission for filming.  I have pages and pages of notes from homework they’ve given us.  And lots and lots of questions they’ve asked us on our several Skype planning sessions.

Anyway, CIM is traveling with WIM (there’s gotta be some joke there, I just can’t come up with it) right now and will return to WIM headquarters in Texas.  Then in October they will come stay with us for two weeks.

So please stay tuned on the project.  We’re excited to see what God will do, but we know that it’s going to require a lot of prayer protection, ne. Speaking of prayer, we are expecting an answer from Vicente’s school about permission to film there.  When he turned in the packet we put together, he got a “muzukashii” answer (“it’s hard”) which is usually a prelude (or otherwise outright) to “no”. So, please be praying with us for favor and a “yes!!”

More to come later!  This is a GREAT opportunity!!


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