Sorry for the MIA.  Occasionally it happens that things get so very busy there’s little time to think, much less write about it.  I know you know the feeling.

We have various things going on that I hope to be able to share with you over the coming weeks.  But as it’s nearing 11pm and my to-do list for tomorrow is ever lengthening, I’ll share a snippet.

One of the people I’ve been sharing with recently came to two events we had in one day– a baby shower (that I was hosting with another person) and a barbecue our cell group sector was throwing.  I was to share a short word that would connect the baby shower with the Gospel.  There were going to be nonbelievers so we didn’t want to have them leave without planting a few seeds.

I had very little time to prepare it.  But as we were walking to the store less than 24 hours before the event, Emily, our summer guest, suggested Psalm 139 and I agreed that of course! That would be a great idea.

That night, I typed it out and it seemed to come together.  The next day, I shared.  It worked– it had the awh-sweet moments and funny moments and truth moments.  No particular response from anyone though.

Baby shower ends.  A very sweaty hour later, we show up to the barbecue.  One of the Japanese young men shared his testimony during the course of the evening.  Lo and behold, he shared on the same verse that I shared from!

Later, I was chatting with our contact who had come to both events.  She brought it up separately to me and another friend that the same verse had been shared.  She said that because she had heard it twice in one day, it must be something that she needed to hear or that needed to be communicated to her.  She planned to try to find the verse later that night.

So, it’s those moments.  Those moments that even though I don’t particularly see what’s happening, under the surface the Lord’s word is at work, germinating.  It’s really, really encouraging– because the Lord wove so much together to tell one heart that she was knit together by the Lord. He is the after all the master Artist and weaver of people, times and places.  For His glory.

I’m happy I get to be a thread.


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