If you happen to get any of our prayer newsletters, you’ll recall that we usually mention our thankfulness for your partnership in prayer.  It’s true, we are so very thankful.  And though you might not consider it partnership, we do.  Any prayer for Japan and for us is as linking arms with us, giving us strength to push forward.  Two people with linked arms pushing forward will make some progress, but 10 people with linked arms will make further progress, 100 even more… and so forth.

But sometimes it gets tiring to use the same words, no matter how sincere they are.  I sat at my computer, fingers paused above the keys, working on the prayer newsletter. I was stumped.  How can I communicate without saying something that people have surely heard many times?  Something that people won’t read over with glazed eyes, looking for important information?

So I did what any English student might do.  I checked the thesaurus.

There are a lot of synonyms for partnership.  Some amusing ones: cahoots, chumminess, cartel. Others that make sense: association, firm, friendship.

But I came across one that struck a chord with me: community.

Community– something you share in.  Something everyone has an interest in.  Something that you contribute to, connect with, cooperate in, participate in, take ownership in.  It’s community.  And for us, that’s what prayer partnership means.

We’re a community to reach Japan. As you pray with us and for us and for this wonderful country, you make an impact. You connect with an unseen body, scattered over thousands of miles, crying out for God to move in this country.  You link arms to join a mission moving forward.

We recently heard a story about three men.*  They were each working hard, laying bricks.  The first one was asked what he was doing.  Laying bricks, of course.  The man moved on to ask the second what he was doing.  Building a wall.  However, the third answered, “I’m building the most amazing building the world has ever seen.”

Three men doing the same job.  But one had vision.  So please, don’t just consider yourself as laying bricks when you pray.  Consider that your prayers are making an eternal impact for the future of a nation.  For the future of individuals who are precious to the Lord.  For the spread of the Kingdom of God and the fame of His Name across the earth.

A Community… with a Vision… for His glory.  And we’re grateful to be a part of this community.

*We heard the story from Pastor Gumer here in Japan. We want to give credit where credit is due!


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