ACs and Emergencies… again?

So, we had to pay.  For the tiny little hole in the wall.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about the fiasco of trying to get an AC installed.  Nearly a month after we purchased the AC, today it was installed and I’m feeling glad to check that one off the list.  Whew!

The very, very kind AC man explained to me that he had had many calls between our real estate agent, who had called many times to the other real estate agent who called many times to the landlords.  Anddddddd then reverse the process!

Lesson of the day: things take longer in foreign countries. But with perseverance and patience, it will work out!

I’m still not entirely sure why we have to pay.  After all, we won’t be taking the hole with us whenever we move out of the apartment, which Lord willing, won’t be anytime soon. All I know is that AC guy said somebody said, “Dame” (dah-me), which means like “not possible, not allowed.” So, whatever.

Our AC works and it’s done.  That’s all I care about.

In other news, we had an earthquake today.  I happened to be washing some of our recycleables (oh the joy…) when the shaking began. I froze and then my phone sounded with an emergency warning, which completely threw me off and oddly made me smile at the same time.  So I grabbed my kid out of her highchair (she was watching some videos on the laptop) and got under the table.  And then it stopped.

But it was very good practice for what to do in an earthquake!

I have to say, I don’t ignore the earthquakes now I have a kid.

Ok, enough of the boring stuff.  Tomorrow I’m meeting up with a girl who visited our cell group last week.  I’m hoping to establish a good connection with her– she’s looking for a cell group to attend, as she recently got saved (awesome!).  I hope I can be an encouragement to her.  Immediately following, I have a discipleship with the young lady I’ve been working with.  We’ve been reading through a Japanese book that really lays a good foundation, going from “Is there a God?” all the way to salvation.  I feel like she has been responding so well and I feel like she’s even changed.  If you think of it, please pray for me to have the words of knowledge I need in the moments as well as some good Japanese.

But the Lord is gracious.  I feel like I’ve needed it in those special moments, He seems to come through my fuddled mind of floating kanji and verb forms.

So.  Today: patience, perseverance, preparation and provision.  Can’t get any better than that.


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