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We’re back and on our backs after our absolutely wonderful trip to the historical and beautiful towns of Kyoto and Nara.  I loooooooooooove Kyoto.  Seriously, it’s my Paris.

But back to the story. What took us to Kyoto and Nara??  Funny you should ask.  Remember our airplane friends we met?  Yeah, the ones we met on our flight over here, who have a boy right around the same age as our daughter.  The ones who I went over and purposely started a conversation with, even though I never talk to people on the planes? (Yeah, I’m one of those who only say hi, excuse me and bye to those I sit next to for 12 hours).

Well, the parents of our airplane friends live in Nara, only 35-40 minutes outside of Kyoto’s center.  Long story short, they hosted us, without the presence of their daughter and son-in-law.

The father picked us up at the train station and we arrived to a lovely, short and genki mom-like-lady and a house surrounded by hundreds of potted plants, I’m sure.  I was suddenly filled with anxiety– Oh no, with all the research I did, I didn’t brush up on house-guest manners!  But they were absolutely wonderful people.  Yeah, we saw a lot of awesome things during our stay, but better than that, we made some great connections.

We visited one place together, a place they’d never visited in their lives, though the mom was from that area.  They had a table with a grill in the middle, so we made awesome Japanese food and had lots of conversation.  Goodness, we even had dinner at their friends’ house and hung out with them, even though that wasn’t originally in the plans.

Did I mention they have a jet-pool tub?

We came home with homemade jams and jellies, and leftover bread that she baked fresh every morning.  Oh don’t forget the homemade baby food that she made herself for Rosalyn every day.

But beyond all these perks, which they’ve invited us to come enjoy multiple times a year, we connected and we have some open doors there.  We were able to talk a little about Jesus, and church as well, and want to see these wonderful people come to know their Savior!  We’re glad this isn’t a one time meeting, but a chance to really have an impact for the eternal in their lives.  This is not coincidence at all!!

Well, Vicente is telling me it’s super late and he has to be up early for school.  But more on this later.


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