As Promised

So, a week ago, we hosted the brand new, newly-multiplied baby cell group meeting, entitled Groundbreakers (more on that in a minute).

After  loads of legit cleaning every last speck of dust, everything was perfect. Our 2 two-person sofas, 4 chairs and floor cushions positioned if necessary.  Laptop tuned into a youtube power-point for worship.

At 7:30, start-time, there are only the leaders, us and two other members.  Where are the other 7+ other people we’re expecting??  Well, the leader reminds us that it doesn’t matter, we’re going to go on just as if we had lots of visitors and it was the most exciting meeting ever, because it was going to be.

I (Janine) had the privilege to lead the discussion that evening based on the previous Sunday’s message, which happened to be joy.  It was a great discussion time, and by the end of the evening, another 4 people had showed up, one of which was a first-timer who I had met only once before.  She seemed to connect well with everyone and we hope will be able to come more in the future!  Lots was accomplished that night and we all ended the evening feeling like it was an excellent beginning.

Groundbreakers was the name chosen by Vicente before the group was even officially going to multiply.  It’s sooo appropriate and at the time, he wasn’t completely aware of all the different meanings that it can carry:

-Groundbreaking– a new and exciting advancement in a field

-To Break Ground- To start a new project, like a building

-To Break Ground- Spiritually speaking, to break up hard ground to be used to plant seeds

-Breaking on the Ground- Essentially where break dancers spend most of their time.

When he suggested it to me, I felt like it was a perfect description on so many levels.  And everyone else felt that way too.  So when it came time to choose a name for the group, it was obvious what it should be.

We are praying for a groundbreaking work to be done breaking ground in this area, using break dance as well!  If you feel inspired to pray along those lines, we would appreciate it too!


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