Learning to Follow

The other day, I was following my husband to a friend’s car lot where we were going to sell our car, to my great relief.  I was happy to finally wipe the dust off my hands and the sweat off my brow in regard to the thing that gave me the most stress as far as preparations were going for Japan.

We pulled out of the parking lot with the understanding that I would follow behind my husband.  I knew the way there at any rate, but I just casually mentioned that I would follow him.

Following directly behind him, we continued down streets that I knew, got on the highway and I sped up, getting into the next lane allowing him space to get in front of me.

But he didn’t get in front of me.  He turned on his blinker to indicate to me that I was to get back behind him and in the exit lane.  I frowned.  Why is he doing this?

I got back over and followed him off the highway and turning onto a street that I couldn’t figure out why he was turning on.  As we were stopped waiting to turn, I made signs to him as he looked back in his rearview mirror.  Why did you get off the highway, I mouthed.  No answer.

He turned, I followed.  I was somewhat familiar with the roads, though I wasn’t sure why were going down them and how we would arrive at our destination using these roads.  Besides, the highway is more direct, I thought.

At one yellow light, he raced through and I had to stop.  I squinted my eyes following him as he pulled over to the side to wait for me.  As I was finally allowed to proceed and caught up to him, he pulled out in front again.  Eventually he led me to streets completely unknown to me.  I had no idea where I was, was doubting that he knew where he was and was completely dependent on him.  I had no idea how to get back where I came from, and no idea how to get where I wanted to go.

But as we were driving back roads, I suddenly recognized something in the distance and realized we were within seconds of our destination.  But how did he do that?  Why did he take this way?

I never found out the answer.

But I learned something.  Sometimes, the Lord takes us down unknown paths because we have to be dependent on him.  Had I just went on down the highway as the way I knew, I wouldn’t have even needed him or paid that much attention to him.  In fact, as I pulled over allowing him space to “lead” on the highway, I showed that I was leading in a backhanded sense.  But the Lord wants us to follow Him, to trust Him on unknown streets.  To trust Him in the way that He chooses to take us, as compared to what makes sense in our own understanding.  He will get us to our destination– we need not doubt.  He has His better paths, sometimes to teach us new ways and sometimes to protect us from danger.  Following is a choice.

Luke 9:57 As they were walking along the road, a man said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.”


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