This was a very interesting article that we found for Japanese people travelling to America.  It’s a bit amusing to see how others perceive us.

It wasn’t until I began living in other countries that I really realized how different cultures can be.  Of course, we all know that generally about cultures, that they’re different.  It’s easier to spot differences when we see them in other cultures than to note the nuances of our own culture.  Typically it’s because that’s all we’ve ever known– and that’s “just the way things are!”

When I lived in Mexico, I remember getting that answer a lot.  Sometimes I answer that sometimes too.

Being in an cross-cultural marriage, I see more differences as well between cultures and it’s made me be able to pinpoint them a little better. It’s also taught me to really appreciate the value of the differences– learning to adjust to some of them have made my life better!

Anyway, that’s a rant.  I learned more about American culture reading this article– particularly the part about laughter.  Makes me wonder what people may have thought about me when I was there!


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