Hi friends,

Well, most of you probably know that we are expecting.  Come April, we expect the newest arrival of Team Japan.  That’s exciting.  That also explains why my last post was in August.  I was basically out of commission for the first trimester.

Now, I’ma feelin better, 17 weeks, and an appetite the size of a semi.  So, just saying.

We’ve been involved in this course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.  Please pay very close attention to what I’m going to say: this is VERY worth your time, money, effort and energy to attend one of these courses.  Didja get that?  Go to, look for a class in your area, and sign up.

One of the best things we’ve taken… we have learned SO much and been really equipped and impassioned for missions wherever we may be.

Have ya gone to the website yet?

It’s ok, I’ll wait…



Great, now one of the videos that we watched as an “opener” for the class can be found on the following page:

It talks about Japan!  So check it out and let me know what you think.


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