And The Rest Is History

Hi!  Just posting some old blogs from my previous blog (… These ones are about how we met!

This posted on November 27, 2010, the week I met Vicente!

Weird, New and GoodGood Things!

Well, it’s been quite an interesting week. Last week was really stressful and I had a big test– a Japanese proficiency test– the N3, which is in the middle. There are 5, 1 the highest, 5 the lowest. It was a 2 hour test involving new words/kanji, grammar, reading comprehension and listening comprehension.

I was really nervous about it, beside the fact that I was really busy with everything else, and had everything from a fever to the sole of my foot swelling up and getting really sore, a trip to the doctor… so, I’ll leave last week at that. It wasn’t my funnest.

But this week, there were lots of weird/new/good! happenings:

Creeeeeeepy: On Tuesday night, I had gone to meet a friend at Shimo-kitazawa, which probably means nothing to you. I returned, messaging the team and waiting for them at the meeting place. So, as I’m waiting, I’m standing there and this guy who is like 50ish, with bleach blonde hair and early 90s style sunglasses and a white leather jacket comes up to me. He was from Turkey. Anyway, he was trying to pick me up, and I was definitely like… no. Anyway, he kept talking, and tried to pinch my cheeks and touch my face and say you’re beautiful, and I was like, Don’t. Touch. We don’t touch people a whole lot in Japan (they just don’t do it), and so a 50yr creepy guy trying to touch my face was like, even worse. Anyhow, the team finally arrived and I was NEVER so happy to see them in my life.

By the way, I decided I was entirely too nice in this situation.

New: We had a group of breakdancers here! They’re from California, and did a break-dance workshop and did our street band outreaches, attracting a lot of people! It was super cool, and one of them speaks Spanish which really, really confused my brain. But in a good way. 😉

Good: And these are the things I’m thankful for (since it’s Thanksgiving and all)

-My brother, niece and 2 others were in a terrible, terrible accident. (wait for the good part) It’s one of those that people don’t walk away from [i.e. rolling the car 4 times and then landing upside down, off the side of the highway]… but the worst that happened was that with the 2, the older had a concussion and 2 black eyes, and the youngest had a bump on her head. That’s it. PRAISE GOD Who had His hand on them, because He is the only One who could have let them live through it.

-I got to talk with all my family via Skype on your Thanksgiving Day, my Friday. It was lovely to talk to all them.

-And to finish, I got the results of my Japanese test. I was had been wondering about the results all week, because on 2 parts, I felt confident, on 1, I wasn’t sure. You need a 60% to pass, right. On my last test, I got like a 82%, maybe? It was like 2 levels down. Anyway, my heart was beating beating beating as the teacher came by, passing out the strips of paper with the results from each section and the overall result. I got a… dundundun: 89.5% …. !!!!!!!!!!! Score! Praise God! I was so excited!


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