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Well, I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season!  I just love the wonder that fills the Christmas season.  It’s just such a wonderful season… the hustle, the bustle, the parties, the decorations, the cookies… and a snowy Christmas Day or New Year is just about the best thing I can imagine.

I tolerate winter way before before Christmas and New Year than after.  What about you?Once the afternoon of January 1 rolls around, I’m done with winter and ready to move on.  January always seems to drag along, cold and frozen and unappealing.  I’ve never really liked January, I casually observed to my husband the other day.

I still feel that way, but I’m trying to use this slow, cold time to make sure I’m setting priorities right for the coming year.  We have a lot to do (I feel like I’m always saying that) and get done, a lot to think of and plan for… and even though we’ve been preparing in prayer to bring this year in, it’s been a good time to soak in some good heart-to-heart time with God.  Especially since I spent most of Christmas break at home– Christmas colds made their way around the house.

Anyway!! I came here to post our latest video newsletter.  We’ve been slowly transitioning the way we communicate, hoping to be more effective and let you experience what we’re up to and what it’s like.  We hope you’ll enjoy it!

202 – Japan Insider from NipponAlva on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Video Newsletter

    1. Looking at and praying about your prayer points using Psalm 23 .Focusing n His Presence.the people you are reaching out to.the programs you are using your protection and provision in all ways


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